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Our vision is to be recognized as providing excellence in employee
training & organization development by serving as a catalyst for
increasing employee productivity through process improvement
and by connecting research, innovation, people, knowledge,
quality and high performance through personal development.

Further, our vision is to be distinguished as a company of choice
for providing innovative learning methodologies and paradigms.


Our mission is to offer only relevant and necessary employee
training & organization development consulting services to
organizations (for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations and
government agencies) and one-on-one coaching services to
individuals in order to have a positive impact to their bottom line
through increased individual and organizational performance and
improved processes.

Further, our mission is to improve the lives and performance of
individual by inspiring and motivating them to awaken to and use
their innate qualities, attributes and characteristics. This
enhanced awareness result from attendance and participation
in classes and/or one-on-one coaching sessions.


The key values the organization holds as while delivering these
services are:

  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Building Strong Relationship
  • Learning/Change
More specifically:

To our customers we want to be known as a company:
1) delivers high quality resource training & organization development
consulting services to customers, 2) remains open to the types of
resource training
& development consulting services needed by
customers while still focusing
on delivering high quality, 3) develops
and delivers only resource training &
development consulting services
that are deemed necessary by our customers
to enhance their
business and 4) makes people feel important, empowered, having
can-do attitude, like they are heard, like they can express, like they
can feel and
like they can re-invent themselves.

To our community we want to be known as a company that:
1) is concerned for and cares about the lives and success of all
its members, 2) supports the increase of knowledge and job
readiness of the members of our community and 3) contributes to
improving the community by being involved in educating its members
at any and all levels.

To our suppliers we want to be know as a company that pays
its bills on time.